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Jesus is Real

We cannot define God.

God must reveal himself to us.

Does God reveal himself to us? Yes.

How and where?

One excellent place to look is in the Bible which is online in many languages and versions.

The New International Version with all the books of the Bible listed.

Besides the things he has done throughout history he has revealed himself through his names.

Did he reveal himself with just one or two names? No. Would you like to guess how many names God revealed? He revealed more than 365 names! Coincidentally, there are more than enough names to consider one each day of the year.

Are God's names boring to consider? No. He revealed each name so that you could know him better and ask him to help you with your needs.

I invite you to consider the names of God and to humbly come to him asking him to help you.

In these difficult times when so much of the world is suffering (though at different levels) I suggest two names immediately.

One is "Jehovah-Jireh, I AM the Lord Who Provides." Here is an early example:
Do you need a job? Ask "The Lord Who Provides" for a job. (Genesis 22:14 AMP in context)

Are you sick? Ask "Jehovah-Rapha, I am the Lord Who Heals You" to make you well (Exodus 15:26 AMP in context).

This presumes a relationship so approach God with respect. And thank him in advance!

Here are more names of the God of the Bible:

Be sure and turn each name of God into a respectful request for your personal needs and the needs of others close to you and around the world. Be specific. "Help all the people in the world" can be more specifically prayed as you become aware of needs.

Last updated: 05/10/2017

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