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The Mystery Hid from the Ages
(Colossians1:26, The New Testament)
The Mystery Hid from the Ages

(Colossians 1:26, the New Testament)
(You can change the version; this is the Orthodox Jewish Bible)

This page and subject has been on my mind for months. I believe now is the time to publish it. The bottom line is that Israel is going through a difficult time. I am fully aware that Israel often is going through difficult times but that the news doesn't always make it to the rest of the world.

One of the wonderful things about knowing G-d is that He shows us what will happen before it happens so when it does happen, we know it is not random, unplanned, or a complete surprise. He knew about it before so we know He knows about it now. Sometimes the time between the prophecy and the fulfillment is so long that centuries have passed. Whatever G-d said will happen, if He speaks at all, no matter how long it takes, will happen. Habakkuk (2:3) had it right.

In Genesis 3:15 which is the scene of the fall of humans from righteousness, G-d promises the serpent (who tricked the first couple into handing over dominion over the earth to the serpent by disobeying the one law G-d set up) will not win in the end but G-d will get things turned around through the Offspring of Eve. The serpent will lie in wait to try to kill the Offspring but due to now crawling on his belly, he can only successfully go after the Offspring's heel which walks on the ground where the serpent moves. The Offspring, however, is designated to lift his foot and deal a death blow to the serpent's head. The serpent slithers along acting scary but the Offspring does a karate move to end it.

Imagine G-d having just created humans in His Image, complex with free will. G-d allowed the serpent to intermingle so the love and obedience and trust in G-d would be chosen, not be a default condition. The serpent did his work and humans chose to regard the serpent's questioning of G-d's motives instead. Any remedy or way back to G-d would not come from Adam or Eve or their many decendants, but only from the One designated by G-d. Many call the designated one the Messiah and look for Him.

So there we have it. Christians believe the Messiah has come and that he is Jesus. Jews believe the Messiah has not come and never could be Jesus Christ of Nazareth. When I lived in Israel (one year, September 1985 to September 1986), it seemed that there was quite a bit of confusion as to who is and isn't a Christian. Hitler was a Christian because he was not a Jew. All those involved in the Crusades centuries ago were Christians because they were not Muslim and they killed Jews. This misunderstanding has caused much hurt. The conclusion is Christians are not to be trusted!

Just because you sit in a garage does not make you a car. Just because you sit in a church does not make you a Christian. There are nominal Christians who sit in church who could be door knobs because they open doors too. Christians as well as Jews suffered under Hitler. Check out Dietrich Bonhoeffer There are true Christians and nominal Christians both who believe in "replacement theology" whether they recognize the term or not. They believe the Jews did not believe in Jesus so G-d abandoned them and replaced them in every way with Gentiles. This is not supported by the New Testament! Paul the apostle in Romans 9, 10, 11 says G-d never abandons His people because of His promises to Abraham who he declared to be righteous due to his faith without the law which did not exist yet. If the Jews were disobedient and missed Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Messiah, all are disobedient in nature, Jew and Gentile alike. We should all be thankful for the grace extended to us, even if now, more Gentiles are receiving this grace than Jews. G-d grafted Gentiles into the Jewish root. G-d did not destroy the root. G-d can certainly graft Jews into the Jewish root if somehow they broke away. This is what is called "covenant theology." Covenant theology does not care what things look like at the moment. It cares about the unbreakable from G-d's side promises. Successive covenants are in force. The Adamic Covenant: the Offspring of Eve is coming to deal a death blow to the serpent's head. The Noahic Covenant: there always will be an ark in which anyone wanting to be saved will be saved. Abrahamic Covenant: the promises and land are yours and your decendants forever. Mosaic Covenant: be set apart from all other gods and cultures and I will rescue you. Davidic Covenant: there will be a King to sit on David's throne forever. Messianic Covenant: there won't be anything missing at all from any previous covenant. Even in the future settlement of the tribes of Israel in Ezekiel 46 and 47 there is a place for the foreigners who must be believing Gentiles.

There will always be an ark of safety; come aboard!
There will always be an ark of safety; come aboard!

YouTube video:
Who are these foreigners today? (Juanita Bynum, YouTube, "You are Great")
(10 minutes; Forward to 7:00 minutes for the Lion of Judah)

G-d speaks to His people through a people of stammering lips (Isaiah 28:11)

So how can you tell which Christian is which? I've thought about it and what I'm about to say can be criticized. A Christian who raises arms and hands in worship is likely to be born-again and Spirit-filled and be kind to Israel. Why? Because when Jesus Christ quotes the Old Testament as if it were true, a true Christian suddenly realizes the entire Old Testament is true. There is a song I heard sung at a Kenneth Copeland event and we sang it too. The words were, "Deuteron,Deuteron, Deuteronomy, all G-d's promises are true." Anyone can raise their arms. Actors can. But in worship, even very strong-armed people psychologically find it difficult to raise their arms. They feel they are being exhibitionist. They feel people are watching and thinking they are fools and emotional and unstable. Those who worship G-d with arms raised, however, love Him and are yielding to Him. Yes, plenty of true Christians don't raise their arms in worship, but those who do have a good chance of being kind to Israel. The Jews gave them the Old Testament and Jesus was a Jew. They are likely to believe prophecy and see promises G-d made are both to the Jew and to the Gentile. They realize they would be nothing without the Jews. They do not think Jews killed Jesus. They think Jesus willingly gave up his life. Christians who love Israel become concerned and even afraid when political leaders speak against Israel because they know Israel is the apple of G-d's eye. Whatever good we Christians experience now, when the day comes when "all Israel is saved" (Romans 8:26) it will be the day the Father kills the fatted calf (Luke 15:26) and throws a party because His son has come home after a long time. (At any time you can remove the :26 and click on search to read the whole story)

I need to stop here and deal with the Crusades. You have probably heard of Martin Luther who broadly is credited with the start of the Protestant church and the Reformation of the 16th century. The doctrine of salvation by grace (chesed) had been lost from the time of Augustine in the 4th century until the Reformation. For this and other reasons we had what is called the Dark Ages. During this time many things happened that were not reflective of G-d's will. Scripture and services tended to be in Latin which most people did not understand. Part of the Reformation was translating the scripture in the vernacular, the language of the common people. Many things happened and people thought they were serving G-d. Works done out of appreciation for G-d's grace are good; works to cover up one's lacks and works to get G-d to think highly of you so you can obtain grace through your own efforts, are bad. Of course, there were always individuals who came to G-d through grace, but the main body of the "church" was like trying to become a car by sitting in a garage. This is a tragedy! I am not against the Roman Catholic Church but a little research on your part can turn up some pretty bad things. The Roman Catholic Church had its own Counter-Reformation after Luther. Pope John Paul II made some very wonderful changes. I discuss this because I saw one man in Israel in constant hatred of Christianity due to the Crusades. Sorry to say, but it seems laughable at first followed by great pain upon realization of what happened and then sympathy. He rarely stopped talking about it as if it had happened to him yesterday. I am sorry. I wasn't here, I didn't do anything, what can I do for you right now realizing it was wrong?

We've covered G-d telling us things in advance so they won't take us by surprize, the fall of humans and the future demise of the serpent by the Offspring, the Messiah has He hasn't come controversy, who of all the people with the name Christian is a true Christian, how theology affects one's view of Israel, is there a predictor that a particular Christian loves Israel, more about the Crusades and the Dark Ages of Christianity between Augustine and Luther. My hope is now to present something that looks wonderful as opposed to something those darn Gentiles created to make our lives tough.

So why the mystery hid from the ages? There are many suspense novels where there are spies and double agents. How do you achieve one objective and have double allegiances, one real and one apparent and no one suspects? Some have called it a wolf in sheep's clothing. How does G-d fulfill His promise in Genesis 3:15 without tipping off the serpent? The serpent is crafty and lives on and on and on while humans live a short span of time and die. How can G-d get the message of hope through, deal a killing blow to the serpent without the serpent rejiggering things to abort that killing blow? G-d left clues all throughout the centuries and they are recorded in the Old Testament. What did all the clues add up to? No one knew, not even the serpent! So the verse, I Corinthians 2:7-8 means that no one knew G-d's plan for Jesus to die according to Deuteronomy 21:23 and Galatians 3:13. Jesus took our sins upon himself, sinless himself, but cursed due to how he died. It goes back to Isaiah 53. Jesus stepped in for us. Carman, a Christian entertainer, said that after Jesus died, the serpent was about to throw a party thinking he had won, and G-d's only chance to redeem humans (get us back legally) was ruined since the Savior-Offspring was dead and gone. But Carman tells it like this, "This is what the serpent heard, '10, 9, 8 , 7, 6, 5, 4,3, 2, 1... Jesus is the Champion!" That mystery hid from the ages triumphed over the plan of the serpent, not just to rule the earth instead of Adam, but to rule Adam's eternity too. That plan had just been usurped by G-d!

After this long introduction, here are some scriptures I will tie together. You may not like it, but the challenge will be there to unlink these scriptures with integrity.

Genesis 49:9-12
Isaiah 11:1-10
Micah 5:2
Matthew 1-2:1
Revelation 5:9-13

Where are we in history? Zechariah 12 is future but always brewing.
Zechariah 12:10 will happen also. I do not know what time it will be but when it is time, if you are alive and have not yet recognized your Messiah, this will be the moment, much more than "I could have had a V8!" I could have recognized him before this!" G-d loves Israel. If there is no other way for His Am Israel to recognize Him, He will put Israel in a situation like no other, then He will rescue His people. When the people see Him, with those nail prints and his side pierced, they will look on Him whom they pierced and go off in mourning, and repentence. And what will G-d give? And I will pour upon the Bais Dovid, and upon the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, the Ruach (Spirit) of Chen (grace) and of Tachanunim (supplications for favor)...pretty good stuff!!! So the precious Am Israel will follow the Gentiles who one by one (those true Christians) and decide to make their allegiance to Jesus Christ.

If this is offensive, please figure out who other than Jesus Christ is going to be the one who was pierced, the one whom all will see as the nations gather against Israel. I'm sharing with you now, so when it happens, you will know, G-d knows, He planned it this way, in order to have mercy and grace on Israel and every Jew who will mourn. He loves you! True Christians know He loves you. So when we lift our arms up in worship, it is a sign to you, we love you, He loves you. He is there; He has always been there; He will put you in a tight place so He can rescue you and you could see Him who has always loved you. When you figure it out, when you see him, raise up your arms and worship and as we thank the Jews for being the root, thank the Gentiles for never giving up trying to say, the Messiah has come!

If this denotes the end of history as we know it, before what we call the Millennium, the serpent must be planning a double dog dare, an "intensified form of a dare, frequently used after the dared person initially refuses." But the serpent's double dog dare loses. The double dog dare may be what is known as the Seven Year Peace Treaty with Israel with a deadly turn on events 3 1/2 years into it. The abomination of desolation ( Daniel 11:36 and Matthew 24:15). Now the last subject.

YouTube video
G-d brings his Am Israel home

(Elohim) (Genesis 1:26 OJB)
Elohim) (Genesis 1:26 WLC)

(is echad) (Deuteronomy 6:4 OJB)
(is echad) (Deuteronomy 6:4 WLC)

Why would a Gentile say G-d is one (echad)???
Elohim, plural, is at the same time a unity, ONE.
We Gentiles believe in 3 in ONE. Not 3 gods.
Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
Abba Father (Isaiah 64:8)
Son (Psalm 110:1), (Isaiah 9:6),
Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:2)

Why the Holocaust? You remind the serpent of G-d whom the serpent hates. If the serpent could eliminate you, all the rest of the promises of G-d would be impossible to fulfill. The serpent served up some need for Lebensraum for the Aryan race. He entered the man Hitler to do what the serpent has always wanted: take over the world and eliminate the people of the promises of G-d. Yeah, but that's been true throughout history. The Holocaust was way over the top. Yes. I lived on two kibbutzim for five months each. The first one comprised of people who somehow had escaped the death camps and most had numbers tattooed on their arms. But where did I meet them? I met them in the land of promise which became the nation Israel in 1948, the year I was born. It is always darkest before dawn. When G-d is going to fulfill a promise, all hell can break loose. It is an unheard of thing for a nation to be born in a day! (Isaiah 66:8) In my way of thinking, the serpent concocted a perfect storm to eliminate the Jews to eliminate G-d's deliverance of them to their own land. If it is any comfort, you are not the only target. True Christians are likewise targeted. You may think this silly, but look at Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs.

YouTube video:
But G-d always has a remnant. (Jerusalem of G-d, Yerusalayim shel zahav,

Joseph Prince of Singapore relates the Old and New Testaments in a lively manner using Hebrew words in his teachings.

Daniel 7:13-14

"13 I was beholding in visions of the night, and, hinei, one like a Bar Enosh (Ben Adam, i.e., Moshiach) came with the clouds of Shomayim, and came to the Atik Yomin (Ancient of Days, i.e., Hashem), and before Him He was brought.

14 And there was given Him (Moshiach) dominion, and honor, and sovereignty, that all people, Goyim, tongues, should pey-lammed-chet (see Dan 3:12, serve, reverence as deity Him (Moshiach). His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His (Messianic) Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed."

Ohr Goyim (Isaiah 42:6) (Light to the Gentiles)
Ohr Goyim
(Isaiah 42:6) (Light to the Gentiles) and next page in the chain

Isaiah 42:6

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