Marie: I came to Christ on November 21, 1982 at age 32.

When I was a young child just old enough to read, a pastor came to visit our house. My mother, not being a Christian, resented it when I asked him questions. He helped me to read John 3:16. He asked me to promise God that some day I would read the Bible. I never forgot that promise. When I was 32 and home alone all night with two small children because I was married to a gambling addict, I remembered the promise and began reading the Bible from cover to cover. I had a friend who was a Christian who I would call and ask questions about what I was reading at the time. She would always refer me to answers in the Bible itself. I became a Christian on November 21, 1982 and was baptized before I finished reading it.

After I had been a Christian about 10 years I became homeless (July 16, 1992) soon after discovering that relatives won't help you unless you meet their expectations of having no problems. Sometimes strangers reached out to me including a family who gave me a ride, dropping me off in the mountains just before they turned onto a lonelier road which would take them to their home. That night I laid my sleeping bag on a pile of leaves, opened my umbrella on a tree branch above me, and put my rain coat over my sleeping bag. It rained hard but I stayed dry and slept 12 hours. It was then I prayed and asked Jesus, "Can you see me? Do you know where I am? Can you hear me? You have given us grace and I'm asking you, can I live on that grace and draw on that grace?" It was May 1, 1993.

I continued being homeless in my home town for another year while living in a tent that was never discovered. I was never cold or wet or sick. But I was always hungry and often ate from dumpsters. The kindest thing done for me was a lady with 7 children who took me to her house, fed me, washed my clothes while I took a hot shower, giving me thermal underwear and a snow suit as I left.

My situation became known to local police and I ended up being hospitalized in September of 1994 and was placed into a half-way house. This led to my present situation (May 15, 1995). I am 58 and I have a place to live, a job, a church family, and I pray for God's kingdom every day. I pray for the spread of the Gospel like wild fire, the harvest of souls, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I do this in my own living room.

As a summary, I was saved November 21, 1982. I became homeless on July 15, 1992. I prayed that particular prayer May 1, 1993. I got the help I needed to get off the streets in September of 1994. I got my own place May 15, 1995. I wandered for just over two years. During that time I was never mugged, robbed, raped, sick, cold, or wet. I was just constantly hungry. This is September 7, 2008 and I have been a Christian for 26 years. If you are concerned that you will become homeless if you become a Christian, don't be. My husband was a gambling addict and other circumstances made life very difficult. Whatever your situation is and whatever your circumstances are, Jesus can and will take care of you if you will sincerely ask him to.

Instead of a photo, I would like to leave you with my prediction for the future: God will still be on the throne!!!! He will still love us and care for us whatever else may happen. If you want to contact me, please contact Beth and she will forward your message to me.

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