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I would like to add my story

Testimonies of people in the United States organized by state.
There's a lot to see beyond this point!

Testimonies of people outside the U.S. in the whole wide world organized by (CIA defined) location.
There's a lot to see beyond this point!

To do this, I will have to exclude the date and age when the person best understands she or he came to Jesus. The presentation will remain the same as on those two websites which consists of the person's location association (does not have to be current) and a phrase that describes life for them.

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Achim Kurzawa, Lewistown MT (From East Berlin to Central Montana)

Ardys Couch, Lewistown MT (God is good all the time; all the time God is good!)

Bakken Shale Oil Boom Blessing and Distruption, Williston ND (Don't say any day is bad until all your days are done!)

Beth 04-11-1968 19

Beth Turner, Lewistown MT (All's well that ends well)

Bill Eddy, Hornbrook CA (Ready or not Jesus is coming soon!)

Brian Benally, Sedona AZ (Dyin ah Nantan! "God is Leader" in Navajo!)

Charlie Sims,Lewistown MT (Better late than never)

Freddy Vest 07-28-2008 !!

Freida Barger, Yreka CA (Keep Turning it over to God!)

Jack Behl, Lewistown MT (Lord, give me a mountain!)

Jacob Lalli, Roy MT (Thank you for your guidance in life!)

Jesus 00-00-0000_00

Lucia Cardoza, Yreka CA (Suddenly it hit me: I must find God!)

Larry Condit, North Highlands CA (I asked the Lord that I have a ministry like Charles Spurgeon!)

Marie 11-21-1982 32

Maynard Mahlen, Lewistown MT (Angels are watching over us!)

Paul Leeman, Yreka CA (God has a plan for us!)

Robert E Kiser, Gold Hill, OR (Meant with Love)

Robert Rea, Coppell TX (5 Finger Evangelism)

Sean Pearce, Rio Vista CA (Greetings!)

Steve and Karen Moore, Laton CA (Cocoa Fudge: the Christian’s chocolate!)

Susie Hogeland Kurzawa, Lewistown MT (I call him Yeshua)

Ted Hogeland, Lewistown MT (From rural ranch life to serving the elderly and developmentally disabled)

Woody Mattingly, Hornbrook CA (My life fell apart but God put it back together pronto)


Last updated: 01/22/2015

Background music: I CAN DO ALL THINGS

I can do all things; Christ has strengthened me
I can be everything He has called me to be
Not by might or power, but by His Spirit in me I can speak forth His Word, and set the captives free! (oh...)


I can do all things, I can do all things
I can do all things, I proclaim it!
I won't be bound by fear; the Word of God is clear
That there is higher ground, and I can take it!


Let the trumpet sound, raise the banners high
I am fighting for life, and I am willing to die
I will not give up, I will not retreat
'til I see the giants lying at my feet! (oh...)


I will run the race, I will fight the fight
I will serve the Master with all of my might
I will press into my destiny
I will rise like an eagle; I've been set free!

Lyrics by Tim Barber and David Mitchell, music by Tim Barber ©1995-1999 Papa's Music. All Rights Reserved. CCLI Song No. 2294108.