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The Names of God in the Bible

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Abba (Father) Romans 8:14-17

Adonai, The Lord Genesis 15:1-2

Almighty One Revelation 3:14

Alpha and Omega Revelation 21:6

The Amen Revelation 3:14b 2 Corinthians 1:20

Ancient of Days Daniel 7:9a, 10b

Anointed One Psalm 2:2

Apostle of Our Confession Hebrews 3:1

Author and Perfecter of Our Faith Hebrews 12:2

Author of Life Acts 3:15

Author of Salvation Hebrews 5:9

Awesome God 2 Chronicles 2:5, 6b, Nehemiah 9:32


Balm in Gilead Jeremiah 8:22

Banner of Salvation Isaiah 11:10

Believe in His Name I John 3:23a

Breath of the Almighty Job 33:4

Bridegroom Matthew 25:1, 6

Bright Morning Star Revelation 22:16

Brother Mark 3:35

Builder Hebrews 3:4


Carpenter Mark 6:2b-3

Chief Shepherd 1 Peter 5:4

Chosen Cornerstone I Peter 2:6-7

The Christ John 1:41-42a

Christ the Lord Luke 2:11-12

Christ Jesus Our Lord Romans 8:38, 39b

Christ the Rock 1 Corinthians 10:4

Comforter John 14:16, 26

Coming One Hebrews 10:36-37

Commander of the Lord's Army Joshua 5:14

Consolation of Israel Luke 2:25

Consuming Fire Hebrews 12:29

The Counselor John 15:26-27

Covenant Isaiah 42:6b

Creator Job 35:10

Crowning Glory Isaiah 28:5


Dear Father Romans 8:15-16

Dearly Loved Son Ephesians 1:6

Defender of Orphans Psalm 10:14

Deliverer Romans 11:26

A Deposit 2 Corinthians 1:21b-22

Devouring Fire and Jealous God Deuteronomy 4:24


Elohim: "The Creator" Genesis 1:1 Deuteronomy 6:4

El Elyon: "The God Most High" Genesis 14:17-20, Daniel 4:34-35

El Roi: "The God Who Sees" Genesis 16:13-14, Proverbs 5:21

El Shaddai: "The All-Sufficient One" Genesis 17:1-8, Isaiah 49:15-16

Eternal God Deuteronomy 33:27

Everlasting Father Isaiah 9:6

Everlasting God 1 John 5:20 Isaiah 40:28

Eternal Rock Isaiah 26:4

Eternal Spirit Hebrews 9:14

Everlasting Arms Deuteronomy 33:27

Everlasting Light Isaiah 60:20

Exalted Psalm 148:13


Faithful and Just 1 John 1:9

Faithful and True Revelation 19:11

Faith in Jesus' Name Acts 3:16b

Faithful God Psalm 31:5

Faithful Witness Revelation 22:20

Father of Lights James 1:17

Father of Mercies 2 Corinthians 1:3

Father of Spirits Hebrews 12:9

Father to His Children Psalm 103:13-14, 17-18a

Fear His Name Psalm 61:5

First Colossians 1:18b

First and Last Revelation 1:17

"First and Last" and "Alpha and Omega" are the same name (in English and Greek respectively). Both are used commonly and deserve to be noted.

First of a Great Harvest 1 Corinthians 15:20

First to Rise From the Dead Revelation 1:5

Firstborn Son Psalm 89:27

Forgiveness in His Name Acts 10:43

Foundation Stone Isaiah 28:16

Fountain Psalm 87:7

Friend Proverbs 18:24

Friend of Sinners Matthew 11:19


Gate John 10:9

Gentle Shepherd Isaiah 40:11

Gift 2 Corinthians 9:15

Gift of God Romans 6:23

Glorify His Name Isaiah 26:8

Glorious God Psalm 96:7

God Almighty (El Shaddai) Genesis 17:1-2

God (Elohim) Isaiah 41:10

God His Father Revelation 1:6

God in the Highest Heaven Luke 2:13-14

God is Love 1 John 4:16

God Is With Us Matthew 1:23

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Acts 7:30b-33

God of gods and Lord of lords Deuteronomy 10:17-18

God of Heaven Nehemiah 1:5

God of Heaven and Earth Ezra 5:11

God of Israel Numbers 16:9

God of Peace Romans 16:20

God Most High Genesis 14:20a

God My Savior Luke 1:47

God of all Grace Ephesians 1:5-12, Ephesians 2:1-10, I Peter 5:10-11

God of Our Salvation 1 Chronicles 16:35

God of Your Ancestors Exodus 3:15

God Our Savior Titus 3:4-5

God Their Savior Psalm 24:3-6

God Who Answers My Prayers Genesis 35:3

God Who Calls those things which not in existence as though They Did Romans 4:17

God Who Forgives Micah 7:18

God Who Gives Life to the Dead Romans 4:17

God Who Sees Me (El-roi) Genesis 16:13

God's Holy Spirit Ephesians 4:30a,32

God's Own Spirit 1 Corinthians 2:11b-12

Good News Ephesians 1:13 Philippians 1:27

Good Spirit Nehemiah 9:20

Good Teacher Mark 10:17

Gracious Spirit Psalm 143:10

Great God and Savior Titus 2:13

Great High Priest Hebrews 4:14-15

Great King Malachi 1:14b

Great Light Isaiah 9:2

Guarantee Ephesians 1:14

Guardian of Your Souls 1 Peter 2:25


He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord Matthew 21:9

He Who Was and Is to come Revelation 1:8

Head of His Body Ephesians 4:15

Head Shepherd 1 Peter 5:4

Healer Psalm 147:3

Healer of the Land 2 Chronicles 7:14

Healing in His Name Acts 3:16

Heir of All Things Hebrews 1:2a Romans 8:17a

Heir to David's Throne Isaiah 11:10

Help in His Name Psalm 124:8

Hiding Place Psalm 32:7

High Priest Hebrews 5:9

High Tower 2 Samuel 22:3b

Him Who Rides the Clouds Psalm 68:4

His Name Endures Forever Psalm 135:13

His Name on Our Foreheads Revelation 22:3-4

His Only Son John 3:16-17

His Own Son Romans 8:32

Holy Father John 17:11

Holy, Holy, Holy Revelation 4:8

Holy One Isaiah 8:13

The Holy One Isaiah 29:23

Holy One of God John 6:68-69

Holy One of Israel Psalm 71:22

Holy Spirit John 3:6

Holy Spirit Sent From Heaven 1 Peter 1:12b

Holy Spirit Within Us 2 Timothy 1:14

Honored Son Hebrews 1:6

Hope of Glory Colossians 1:27

Horn of Salvation Luke 1:69a,71,74

Hope for the World in His Name Matthew 12:21


I Am Exodus 3:14

I Am the Bread of Life John 6:35

I Am the Gate for the Sheep John 10:7,9

I Am the Good Shepherd John 10:11,14b,15

I Am He John 18:3-6

I Am - Jesus John 8:58

I Am the Life John 14:6a

I Am the Light of the World John 8:12a

I Am the Living Bread from Heaven John 6:51

I am the Lord Exodus 34:5-6a

I Am the Messiah John 4:26

I Am the Resurrection John 11:25,26

I Am the Truth John 14:6a

I Am the Vine John 15:5

I Am the Way John 14:6

I am the Lord Leviticus 22:32-33

I, the Lord, Am Your God Leviticus 20:7

Image of God 2 Corinthians 4:4

Immanuel Isaiah 7:14

Intercessor Hebrews 7:25


Jehovah: "The Self-Existent One" Exodus 3:13-15

Jehovah: If I am in relationship with you, you have everything you need.

Jehovah-jireh: "The Lord Will Provide" Genesis 22:12-14

Jehovah--mekoddishkem: "The Lord Who Sanctifies You" Ezekiel 20:12

Jehovah-nissi: "The Lord My Banner" Exodus 17:15

Jehoval-raah: "The Lord My Shepherd" Psalm 23:1

Jehovah-rapha: "The Lord Who Heals" Exodus 15:26

Jehovah-sabaoth: "The Lord of Hosts" 1 Samuel 17:45-47

Jehovah-shalom: "The Lord Is Peace" Judges 6:22-24

Jehovah-shammah: "The Lord is There" Ezekiel 48:35

Jehovah-tsidkenu: "The Lord Our Righteousness" Jeremiah 23:6

Reference The Lord our Righteousness by George Whitefield (1714-1770)

Jesus Matthew 1:21b

Jesus Christ John 17:3

Jesus Christ Our Lord Romans 1:4

Jesus of Nazareth John 18:7-8a

Jesus Our Mediator Hebrews 12:24

Jesus The Messiah John 20:31

Judge of the Living and the Dead Acts 10:42

Just and Upright Deuteronomy 32:3-4


Kernel of Wheat John 12:24

King and Priest Zechariah 6:13

The King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible 1 Timothy 1:17

King of Glory Psalm 24:9-10

King of the Jews Mark 15:2

King of kings and Lord of lords 1 Timothy 6:15-16

King of the Nations Revelation 15:3

King Over All the Earth Zechariah 14:9


Lamb Revelation 5:12

Lamb of God John 1:29

Lamb Who Was Slain Revelation 5:12b-13

Lamb Who Will Overcome Revelation 17:14

Lamp Psalm 119.105

Last Adam 1 Corinthians 15:45

Lawgiver Isaiah 33:22

Life John 1:4-5

Light from Heaven Luke 1:78-79

Light of the City Revelation 21:23

Light that Leads to Life John 8:12b

Light to Guide All Nations Isaiah 42:6b-7

Lilly of the Valley Song of Songs 2:1b

Living Cornerstone 1 Peter 2:4

Living God Psalm 84:1-2, 1 Thessalonians 1:9

Living One Who Died Revelation 1:18

Living Water John 4:10,14b

Lion of the Tribe of Judah Revelation 5:5

Lord Psalm 9:10

Lord (Adonai) Daniel 9:19

Lord Almighty Isaiah 6:3

The Lord Almighty Zechariah 8:20-22

Lord of All Acts 10:36

Lord God Almighty Jeremiah 15:16

Lord Is My Shepherd (Yahweh Rohi) Psalm 23:1

The Lord Is Our Righteousness Jeremiah 23:6

Lord Jesus Christ 2 Thessalonians 1:12

Lord (Kurios) Luke 10:17-18,21a

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2 Peter 3:18

Lord and Teacher John 13:14-15

The Lord in This Place Genesis 28:16

The Lord Is Peace Judges 6:24a

The Lord is There Ezekiel 48:35b

Lord of the Harvest Matthew 9:38

Lord of the Sabbath Matthew 12:7-8

Lord Jesus Acts 20:24

Lord Most High Psalm 7:17

The Lord My Fortress Psalm 18:2

Lord of Glory 1 Corinthians 2:8-10a

Lord of Peace 2 Thessalonians 3:16

The Lord Our God Revelation 19:6

Lord, Our Lord Psalm 8:1-2a

The Lord Who Heals You (Yahweh Rophe) Exodus 15:26

Lord Who Makes You Holy Leviticus 20:8

The Lord Who Provides Jeremiah 31:35a

The Lord Will Provide Genesis 22:14

The Lord (Yahweh) Exodus 20:7

Lord Your God Nehemiah 9:5b

The Lord, Your Redeemer Isaiah 41:14

Love His Name Psalm 5:11

Loving Ally Psalm 144:2


Majesty Psalm 93:1

Man of Sorrows Isaiah 53:3a,5b

Manna Revelation 2:17a

Master Luke 8:24-25

Merciful and Gracious God Exodus 34:6-7

Mediator 1 Timothy 2:5-6

Messenger of the Covenant Malachi 3:1

Messiah John 11:27

The Mighty God Psalm 50:1

Mighty God (El Gibbor) Isaiah 9:6

Mighty One Isaiah 33:21

Mighty One of Jacob Isaiah 60:16

Mighty Power of God 1 Corinthians 1:24

Mighty Savior Luke 1:69-71

Mighty Warrior Psalm 45:3-4

Minister in His Name Deuteronomy 21:5a

Morning Star Revelation 22:16

My Advocate Job 16:19

My Beloved Song of Songs 2:16a

My Beloved Son Matthew 17:5b

My Father John 14:23

My Father's God Exodus 15:2

My Fortress Psalm 62:2

My God, My God Psalm 22:1

My Helper Hebrews 13:6

My Messenger Malachi 3:1

My Righteous Servant Isaiah 53:11

My Rock Psalm 18:2-3

My Salvation Isaiah 12:2,4a

My Savior Psalm 40:17

My Servant Isaiah 53:2a

My Song Exodus 15:2

My Spirit Joel 2:28-29

My Spirit Isaiah 59:21

My Witness Isaiah 55:4-5a


Nazarene Mark 16:6

New Branch Isaiah 11:1


Oil 1 Samuel 16:13a

One Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:13

One Who Is and Always Was Revelation 11:17

One Who Lives Forever Revelation 10:6

Only True God John 17:3

The Only Wise God Romans 16:27

Our Advocate Hebrews 9:24a, 1 John 2:1-2

Our Hope 1 Timothy 1:1

Our Father In Heaven Matthew 6:9

Our Passover Lamb 1 Corinthians 5:7b

Our Peace Ephesians 2:14


Perfect Love 1 John 4:18

Physician Matthew 9:12

Pierced Isaiah 53:5

Potter Isaiah 64:8

Praise His Name Psalm 63:3-4

Pray in His Name 2 Chronicles 6:24-25

Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6

Promised Holy Spirit Galatians 3:14

Promises in His Name Psalm 138:2b

Prophet of the Most High Luke 1:76-77

Protection in His Name John 17:11-12a

Power in His Name Jeremiah 10:6



Rabbi John 1:37-39

Radiance of God's Glory Hebrews 1:3

Ransom Mark 10:45

Redeemer Isaiah 59:20 Job 19:25-26

Refiner Malachi 3:3

Rejoice in His Name Psalm 89:16

Resting Place Jeremiah 50:6

Righteous Father John 17:25-26

Righteous Judge 2 Timothy 4:8

Righteous One Acts 7:52

The River of the Water of Life Revelation 22:1

Rock of My Salvation Psalm 89:26

Rock of Safety Psalm 31:2

Root and Offspring of David Revelation 22:16

Rose of Sharon Song of Songs 2:1a

Ruler Matthew 2:6

Ruler of all Nations Psalm 22:27-28


Sacrifice Ephesians 5:2

Sacrifice for Our Sins 1 John 2:2

Safe Refuge Psalm 61:2-3

Salvation in His Name Acts 4:12

The Same Lord 1 Corinthians 12:5,7

The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Hebrews 13:8

Sanctuary Isaiah 8:14a

Savior Isaiah 43:3a,4b

Savior in Times of Trouble Jeremiah 14:8

Savior of All People 1 Timothy 4:10

Savior of the World 1 John 4:14

Scepter Out of Israel Numbers 24:17a

Scorned and despised Psalm 22:6b-7a

Seed of a Woman Genesis 3:14a,15

Shield Around Me Psalm 3:3a

Shield of Protection Psalm 18:30

Shelter Isaiah 25:4a

Sing to His Name Psalm 18:49

The Son John 8:36

Son of the Blessed God Mark 14:61b-62

Son of David and Abraham Matthew 1:1

Son of the Father John 1:14

Son of God John 20:31

The Son of God Romans 1:4

Son of the Living God Matthew 16:16-17

Son of Man Acts 7:55-56 John 6:53

Source of All Life Numbers 16:22a

Sovereign Lord 2 Samuel 7:28 Acts 4:24

Sovereign Lord Almighty Jeremiah 50:25

Sower Matthew 13:17-38a

Spirit John 4:24

Spirit of Christ 1 Peter 1:11

Spirit of God Romans 8:9

Spirit of His Son Galatians 4:6-7

Spirit of Jesus Acts 16:7

Spirit of Jesus Christ Philippians 1:19

Spirit of the Living God 2 Corinthians 3:3

Spirit of the Lord 2 Samuel 23:2

Spirit of Might Isaiah 11:2

Spirit of the Sovereign Lord Isaiah 61:1

Spirit of Truth John 16:13

Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding Isaiah 11:2a

Spirit Who Makes You Holy 2 Thessalonians 2:13

Spirit of Your Father Matthew 10:20

Star Out of Jacob Numbers 24:17b

Strength Psalm 18:1

Strong and Mighty Psalm 24:8

Strong Fortress Proverbs 18:10

Strong Refuge Nahum 1:7

Strong Savior Psalm 140:7

Sovereign Lord Acts 4:24

Strength and Song Isaiah 12:2

Sun of Righteousness Malachi 4:2

Supreme God Joshua 2:11


Temple Revelation 21:22

Thanksgiving in His Name Psalm 116:17

Tree of Life Revelation 22:2b

Triumphant Sword Deuteronomy 33:29

Tower of Safety Psalm 144:2

True Bread of God John 6:33

Trust in His Name Psalm 33:21


Unfailing Love Psalm 59:10


Victory in His Name Psalm 48:10

Visible Image of the Invisible God Colossians 1:15


Wall of Fire Zechariah 2:5

A Warrior Exodus 15:3

Welcoming Refuge Joel 3:16

Wisdom Proverbs 8:12,14

Wonderful Counselor Isaiah 9:6b

The Word John 1:1,14a

Word of God Revelation 19:13

Word of Life 1 John 1:1

Worthy Revelation 4:11

Worthy of Praise Deuteronomy 10:21



Your God Psalm 146:10

Your Holy Servant Jesus Acts 4:30-31a

Your Husband Isaiah 54:5

Your King Zechariah 9:9

Your Maker Psalm 149:2-3

Your Spirit Psalm 104:30


The 15 primary names of God from The Peace and Power of Knowing God's Name by Kay Arthur: Elohim, The Creator
El Elyon, The God Most High
El Roi, The God who Sees
El Shaddai, The All-Sufficient One
Adonai, The Lord
Jehovah, The Self-Existent One
Jehovah jireh, The Lord Will Provide
Jehovah-rapha, The Lord Who Heals
Jehovah-nissi, The Lord My Banner
Jehovah-mekoddishkem, The Lord Who Sanctifies Us
Jehovah-shalom, The Lord is Peace
Jehovah-sabaoth, The Lord of Hosts
Jehovah-raah, The Lord My Shepard
Jehovah-tsidkenu, The Lord Our Righteousness
Jehovah-shammah, The Lord Is There

Names of God in Hebrew Not Mobile-friendly

Last updated: 03/15/17

First Time Visitor Notes

This is a massive project! There are over 365 names of God in the Bible! The names usually appear more than once. I have multiple sources from which to work (The Names of God flip chart style calendar from CBN, cassette tapes by Pat Robertson of CBN and The Peace and Power of Knowing God's Name by Kay Arthur as well as the Bible and the Internet). What is most important is that there is a scriptural basis for each name. Many lists of the names of God are in circulation without scripture references. These should always be checked out before accepting them. We may not make up names for God. God must reveal his names to us. Once we become aware of his revealed name(s), we are authorized to feel loved and begin to depend on his nature. I chose to use the NIV Bible for the scripture references. The exact name may not be in the NIV. If you want the name to match exactly, your first alternate translation should be The New Living Translation. I purposely did not give links for this translation so you would see how translations differ slightly but the meaning is the same if the translators did their research carefully. Remember, the Bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Koine Greek (not classical). Any other language Bible is a translaton. Many people end up learning Hebrew and Greek in order to understand better.

(If you click on CBN Radio, close the window for CBN Radio if when you leave this page you find more than one music item is playing on your PC.) If you open too many windows at once from this page, CBN will cut off. (See above on the right)

All scripture links were originally set up to be mobile-friendly. Now the once PC-friendly links have been slimmed down in data size so that mobile devices can use those links. The mobile links actually forward to the once PC-friendly links. When I discovered this I understtood one day the mobile links will be phased out and I will have a crisis. So I took a whole day and changed the links.

God is infinite. God is knowable. He reveals Himself to us by the things He does and by His names. Life brings many challenges to each of us. When we run to God, we find He is always there. One way to run to God is to align our need with one of His names. The highest Name is Jesus. Matthew 1:21 (New International Version) "She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins."

What is your need today? Which name of God will help you to connect with God today so He can help you? If one name of God is "The Lord Is Peace," you can personalize it by saying, "The Lord is my peace" or "Lord, you are my peace" or "Thank you, Lord for giving me your peace" or "Impart to me the peace of your presence, Lord" or "Impart to me peace through the your being present in my life, especially in the area of _________."

This is a long page. You can choose the letter of the alphabet for the names of God that start with that letter. Click on the letter and you will be there! Click on "TOP" to go back up. (Use Internet Explorer to avoid scrolling)

All the Books of the Bible

Psalm 138:2 says God puts his Word above his name. So we don't need any secret societies claiming to know the real name of God. We also don't need to recite his names as if they were magic words. His names are so you can know him.

This points out Jesus is the Word.

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