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We are trying to figure out how to increase the recycling of old no-longer-used English Bibles to get them to people without Bibles for whom English is appropriate. I am surprized 80 countries have people who can read our used English Bibles and this will be their only Bible. You and I can open a door for someone else we may never meet. I have been assured that no matter how many Bibles in English we collect, the need and requests will still be greater. To me, this is like shooting ducks in a barrel. It's a sure win situation. You have a Bible that is worth 50 cents or less to you, it's like a flag, you don't want to throw it away; the Bible either collects dust or you dust it more than you use it.

If you have the desire to get your Bible to a person in need who will want to meet you in Heaven to thank you for it, you can mail it "library rate" to

Bible Foundation
PO Box 908
Newberg, OR 97132-0908, U.S.

If you would like to collect Bibles informally where you are and later get them to a master collection point, start collecting them now. Right now. Ask God how to get them to where they need to be. Then stay alert for his answer. It could be they are needed right where you are and when you learn of the need, you become an answer to prayer. Someone may want to start a Bible study but have no Bibles and not be able to purchase them.

If you would like to become an official local collection point, pick a safe location, such as a church or Christian food bank, and later get them to a master collection point. If you work on it for a while and then something comes up such as you must move away, ask God for someone else to take over.

If you want to become a master collection point and have people show up now and then with boxes of Bibles, if you are blessed with some storage area (you might have to clean out your garage!), you will need to be open to creative ways to get them either to the Bible Foundation in Oregon, or send them directly where they are needed. Perhaps a missionary is headed out of the U.S. or someone is going on a short-term missions trip or a business trip. Giving up part of your garage or part of your suit case is how you do it. U.S. mail is no longer an option. Mercy Flights International can help. Any Bibles needing refurbishing or Bible portions can be sent "library rate" to Bible Foundation.

If someone you know is going to another country, possibly in the list at, you can ask for some suitcase space to place some Bibles to be delivered to the soil of that country! It has to be open-ended. If the suitcase space is available, have the person taking the Bibles ask God who to give them to. We know God is at work redemptively even if our intellect is not aware. Trust God for a suitable recipient but don't bring them back to the U.S. If nothing else, write a note with a date on it, "Free to the finder!" Perhaps the Lord will bring a person you will never meet who will find it and be overjoyed if not curious. People tend to fill their suitcases full without considering taking Bibles or Gospel tracts. You can afford to explain the opportunity and need and then pray for that person. Once I was told it was completely impossible. The next day I got a call that they decided to take two suitcases so bring the items over by the time they leave for the airport. The items have a story behind them and I'm sure there will be conversation in Heaven at some future date. There was even intrigue but no danger.

Bible Foundation doesn't need to know what you are doing. It's between you and the Lord and whoever he provides as a link. You can inform them and they certainly will know if the Bibles show up at their doorstep. The idea is that you START and trust the Lord to provide. For example, where I live there is a cross by the highway. When the property owner is outside, Christians honk. Some stop by. We know we can ask them the next time they pass by can they take Bibles to another point on their way. Independent truckers may be able to help.

The gentleman who has run Bible Foundation for 20 years realizes that it is the Lord's doing. He and I talked years ago and I was enthusiastic about Bible collection. Then I started school and was always busy. I didn't do anything. When I got the card in the mail about the 2011 Bible Drive, I realized I have the time and the platform to jump in and help. You may not have everything, but you might be the catalyst to get Bible collection and distribution going where you are. I ran into a pastor last night and told him about it and he said, "Cool!" So you can ask to use a closet at your church to collect Bibles and make a short speech occassionally about Bible collection. If you don't want to speak about it yourself, ask someone else to do the speech. (Is anyone in Toastmasters?) Will the Women's Group or the Men's Group or the youth group take the project on? Will a particular Sunday school class take it on? Move toward the goal and expect God's help. As with anything, the first time people hear about something, they may not catch the vision. Persist. If you want it to happen, persist. If you feel it is God and you want to give up, watch Joyce Meyer on T.V. or the Internet! Never give up! If all you can do is to mail your own Bible, be happy with that. It's your choice!

A list of current master collection points are at

The Bible Drive

For further contact with Bible Foundation: : Send Mail

Last updated: 12/11/2017