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Please use the email address for contact for any of the following websites including

Please type your message into the body of your email. Please do not put what you write into a file (such as WORD, WordPad, Notepad, etc.) which you then attach to your email. I will not be able to open it. Thank you. is not a 501c3, however there is a tax-deductible way to donate to

If you want to help out with translation of the to another language, your volunteer effort would be appreciated. A way to speed it up is to use Google Translate ( and then update it and then copy/paste into email.

You can see it is waiting for you to copy/paste the website page link into the left side, then select the language to translate to, then click on the blue "Translate." The http:// will keep it from simply translating the web address but translate the whole page associated with that web address. When done, this is machine translation. If many documents such as in the European Union have been translated from or to the language, it is likely the translation is true. If the language has had little translation history, it is likely the translation will only be approximate. In general, in matters of the heart and in religion, exact translations are necessary. As long as you know this and realize you might be getting the wrong idea from a machine translation, you will be ok. If your machine translation says God doesn't love you, don't use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will then copy/paste the text into email and edit it in email. Save your email to draft often so as not to lose your work. I will have to verify from another speaker that the translation reflects the content before publishing as in some cases I will not be able to read the finished text but I will be responsible for what it says. For me to plug the completed heart language text into html coding takes a lot of work. It is good to come back and read what I created for corrections as I will not be able to do this. Then I will post the page link on
The plan is to let the web crawlers index the page so people in that language can find it and go to other parts of

These are the family of websites (followed by links to all the pages on

URLs (main, 200 languages) (for China and Chinese speakers) (now points to, reserved for future)

URLs pointing to locations on (for law enforcement) ( (the opening page of in languages)

spreadingjesus/french.htm (opening page of in French)

spreadingjesus/german.htm (opening page of in German)

spreadingjesus/spanish.htm (portions of in Spanish) (share your testimony in the U.S.) (share your testimony outside the U.S.)

Discarded URLs with content now on with no surviving links

How Genesis points to Jesus Christ

(Isaiah 49) Jesus Never Forgets

The Great Commission

Jesus is Real

Jesus Died for You

Capitol Prayer

Capitol Intercessors

For Such a Time

Oympics history

These are the links to all the pages on
(This is a work in progress; I will delete this note when done)

To be continued

I figure considering Christians are translating the Bible into new languages while the New Testament translations are now produced orally to bypass illiteracy, and many are leaving their own plan for their lives in favor of God's plan for their lives producing new custom resources they make available on the web, I will be working on these websites, especially the first two above, for the rest of my life. This is a good thing as the Great Commission must be obeyed to Jesus' satisfaction before he comes again, and, I love what I do!

One more thought...I highlight ministries that fall within my calling from the Lord and who are busy working on the directives the Lord has also given me. Gospel Coins is not my ministry but it is in line with my call. Gospel Coins provide free coins suitable for witnessing in over 100 languages. The Lord showed me as clearly as if it was on a teleprompter where to place the Gospel Coins page. In this way I am hopefully making this ministry more available to those of you who wish to witness in this way. Bible Foundation recyles our old Bibles in English to 80 countries. I highlight this ministry because this aids fulfilling of the Great Commission in a way that is still using English appropriately. I am open to increasing highlighting ministries that seem to have the same call I do. I may need some persuading :>) as I try to do just what the Lord wants.

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