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The Story of Jesus for Children in English (from The Jesus Film Project)
The Story of Jesus for Children in English,
(from The Jesus Film Project)
The Story of Jesus for Children in 162 Languages

Jesus said, "Let the children come to me!" How do we come to Jesus? As a little child!

BJ Thomas wrote this in April of 2000, The Faith of a Little Child

(Wait for the music to stop playing before you click on this or they will both play together at the same time! The song will play only once. Why did I put two songs on this page? I thought the words were so happy and clear and easy to understand that you would quickly learn the song and sing it. It will make you happy! To make the song play again, click on your browser's "refresh" image.)


Click here to play the first verse and chorus

Behold I give you power
to tread upon serpents and scorpions
And over all the power of the enemy
And nothing shall by any means hurt you
And I will never never desert you
For lo, I am with you forever and ever.

And if you say unto this mountain
"Be thou removed
and be cast into the sea,"
It will obey you!
If you have the faith of a mustard seed,
You've got all the faith, all the faith you need
Walk along with the King
You can... do anything
If you have the faith of a little child.

And in my name shall demons flee
The deaf will hear and the blind will see
And ye shall speak with tongues of angels
And from your mouth I shall bring prophecy
Ye shall be like a watered tree
The power of God shall be in your ministry
And I will draw all men to me.


The King of glory reigns on high
In grandeur beyong the sky
And we shall greet him somewhere in eternity.
His ways are higher than the eye can see
You know the King died for you and me
Though you may be a pauper or a millionaire
We all have an equal share.


Jesus Is Lord transliterations into other languages at Wycliffe Bible Translator's WordSpring Discovery Center

These are transliterations (making the same sounds) of "Jesus Is Lord" in other languages.

When you are in Orlando, Florida, USA, don't miss the WordSpring Discovery Center, at Wycliffe Bible Translators, right next to the Jesus Film Project, both near the airport, 407 852 3626. You can produce a page like this using your name or any text you type in! There are many fun things to do there!

Our security is in God
A fun way to understand the Bible (Basic Information Before Leaving Earth)
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Welcome to Bible Verses!

This is David's website, Welcome to Bible Verses.
He helped me with my website,
He recorded this for me and for you.
I want to receive Jesus now

I am a new believer in Jesus!

The Way to God

The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ

Who Am I That a King Should Die in My Place?

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Listen to the CBN Superbook TV series song! (superbook.wav .85M)


While I'm standing here I know I'm not alone
A shining LIght that brings life to me
We look with wonder, what mystery is this?
What adventure can this be?

A flash of light and the journey begins
And then we'll travel through the ages
The veil is pulled away; the mystery's revealed
The Spirit lifts within the pages! (Here we go!)

This is the story
This is how we see the light (Here we go!)
Come turn the pages now
as Superbook takes flight (Here we go!)
These are the stories
And the truth that we will find
Come and travel back with us
To extraordinary times! (Here we go!)

This is the story
This is how we see the light (Here we go!)
Come turn the pages now
as Superbook takes flight
Come travel back with us
Let's go with Superbook!

Superbook Site
Superbook Site

Last updated 03/06/2017

Background music: THE FEAST IS SPREAD

How lovely is Your dwelling place
O Lord Almighty!
My soul yearns and even faints
For the courts of the Lord
My heart and my flesh cry out
For the living God
My heart and my flesh cry out
For the living God!


(men) The feast is spread; You bid us come!
(women) We come gladly!
(men) There is enough for everyone!
(women) In Your presence!
(men) Our delight is in You, Lord!
(women) We will praise You!
(men) Our exceeding great reward!
(women) We will worship!
(all) We delight in You!
Yes, we delight in You!

by Tim Barber ©1995-1999 Papa's Music. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. CCLI Song No. 2294634