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Letter to Elected Law Enforcement (US Sheriffs) cc: Law Enforcement at all Levels

There are about 3100 county sheriffs in the United States. In general, there is one sheriff in each county of each state who is elected by the people who live in that county. Alaska does not have counties and thus does not have sheriffs. Connecticut also does not have sheriffs. Rhode Island has sheriffs appointed by the governor (there were 10 but now may be only 2). Washington DC, not a state, but a federal district, does not have a sheriff, being under the jurisdiction of Congress. Hawaii hires what we might call sheriff deputies, also called sheriffs, and have an executive director. (There is no Hawaii 5-O.) A few counties in a few states have sheriffs who are appointed. Over 99% of US Sheriffs are elected despite all the exceptions listed. Depending on at what point in the term a sheriff vacates an office, a new sheriff will be elected by special election or appointed until the end of the term. A special election may be called to recall a sheriff. Most sheriffs (41 states) are elected for 4 year terms. Three states have 2 year terms while one each state has 3 and 6 year terms. Sheriffs may appear on partisian ballots or non-partisian, with 40 states appearing on partisian ballots. The office of sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Office and when a new sheriff is elected that sheriff writes a letter to each law enforcement agency allowing them to function in his or her jurisdiction. I informally noted there are relatively few female sheriffs and it is not surpizing to have a female sheriff in a highly populated county. The sheriff operates independent of political or operational oversight, by design, to be a check and a balance by the people, on county government. However, the county controls the budget and thus how many deputies can be hired and what their pay can be. It's important to distinguish in one's mind that the office of sheriff is unique in its independence from governance that, for example, a police chief may not have, reporting to the mayor and town council. Sources:, sheriffs' own testimonies, my observations after taking a 4 month Citizen's Police Academy.

Here is the letter:

County Name County Sheriff Name as Listed
Best address available for mailing
City State Zip

Dear Sheriff Last Name, is a memory aid to encourage you to run the race of your life as a county sheriff in the State of State Name mindful of your oath of office and the needs of your constituents.

One day the governments of this world will become the government of Jesus Christ the Lord. Surely at that time he will bring justice with both reward and judgment. (Revelation 11:15) It is best to get to know him now and to find out each day what he has in store. The following name is not in the Bible but I call him the Great Mitigator as he intervenes on our behalf for our good after the fact, toning down the evil consequences of our behavior, when we ask. (Romans 8:28)

My website exists to introduce you and the people of this earth to Jesus Christ using up-to-date reliable resources. I myself came to Jesus after reading Peace with God by Billy Graham.


My Name
My mailing address
My City State Zip
My phone number

BA Religion, Eastern University PA 1972
Master of Divinity, Gordon - Conwell Theological Seminary MA 1976
Kibbutz Ulpan (2) Israel 1985-86

P.S. If you could alert other law enforcement officers to I would appreciate it. I am contacting you because the Lord said, “All elected officials” of which you are one. Thank you!

These are the two tracts I enclose in the letters to sheriffs. A picture is worth a thousand words! Enlarging .pdfs increases readability but not predictably.

This website is on a UNIX platform, .pdf handling especially sizing is not like .jpg.

(.pdf) A Man May Go to Heaven in .jpg, front side only (.jpg 2X) A Man May Go to Heaven in .jpg, front side only (.jpg)

With permission of and courtesy Gospel Tract Society A Man May Go to Heaven

(.pdf) The Flag I Love in .jpg, front side only (.jpg 2X) The Flag I Love in .jpg, front side only (.jpg)

(.pdf 2X)

With permission of and courtesy Gospel Tract Society The Flag I Love

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Last updated: 09/17/2018