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Memorial to a fallen law enforcement comrade, Carson City, Nevada

Memorial to a fallen law enforcement comrade, Carson City, Nevada
This is what we don't want!

The Police Museum in Virginia City, Nevada (open May 1st - October 31st 11:00 am - 5 pm daily

You are not from Nevada? Take a look at
You will see it is a hop skip and a jump to feature law enforcement from other states right here on
It's up to you! Or is it fine with you to take Nevada as symbolic of all law enforcement?
As was said in a movie I saw on TBN, Jesus asked,
"Would you like something from the menu or something not on the menu?" :>)!

"The Badge of Honor" by Garris Elkins
Garris Elkins: blog
Garris Elkins: pastor, Living Waters, Medford, Oregon

The JAYC Foundation
The JAYC Foundation

Hell's Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort (53 minutes audio MP3
Hell's Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort (53 minutes audio MP3 ddownload)
(You can listen while you look at the longer entries below: note at 7:30 minutes to 13:00 minutes speaks about the Gospel being like a parachute)

Go see the movie Courageous (out the first weekend of October 2011)

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
I recited this with my hand over my heart 5 days a week during my 12 public school years. It is part of me.

The law enforcement oath of honor

Military oath of office

What Is the Legal Meaning of a Sheriff’s Oath of Office?

10 Common Elements of “Oaths of Office”

As circumstances and culture change, the oath remains the same. The implications for what actions we take may change. A deeper and more soul-searching understanding may be required for the future. These things are best hashed out in quiet times.

Durham Patrol, Butte County California
Durham Patrol, Butte County California
A citizen of Durham described crime in this rural community of California. Unlike the other towns, Durham did not have a local police force. He said he decided to do something about it. He formed a citizen's patrol group in which members do not know who is part of the team. This is to prevent inadvertent talk. Each person has control of her or his commitment although patrols normally happen at night. Common sense rules were designed to protect the person on patrol, not interfere with the peace of law abiding citizens and not report to law enforcement innocent activity. The person on patrol calls the county sheriff dispatch at the beginning and end of the shift. No lights are flashed on any person or home unless a vacation check has been requested. While on patrol poor lighting or no lighting at all in affected public areas are noted. Attempts are made to encourage lights and brighter lights to deter crime. Persons on patrol do not speak to or with anyone. They will call dispatch when necessary. There is an agreed safe place for the vehicle and driver in case trouble develops. Cell phones make this possible. Vehicles are not marked and volunteers pay their own gas and expenses. They do have T-shirts and hats which normally are not seen but can be used to identify them if necessary. The founder of the Durham Patrol asked the county undersheriff if they were "doing well." The undersheriff (now the sheriff) was very pleased with the operation. I do know how many volunteers there are but all that matters is that each and every day is covered. Dates of patrol for each volunteer are scheduled according to the events and responsibilities happening in their lives. Schedules can be exchanged due to sudden changes such as illness. The county does have a deputy whose territory includes Durham but staving off trouble due to early intervention by the patrols notifying dispatch makes this town safer. The photo is of the founder who prefers to remain anonymous so the Durham Patrol remains a citizen effort not organized around him. This group is being highlighted as a successful local patrol group that does no harm and truly is the eyes and ears of law enforcement. They do nothing to take the place of law enforcement and there is no hint of vigilantism. To contact the man in the photo, please contact the Butte County Sheriff Department dispatch.

Last updated: 02/28/2017