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The Bible in a Nutshell

Holy Bible! Holy Bible! in a nutshell! in a nutshell!

(All the chapters of longer books must be presented in multiple groupings of chapters. You can select a different language or English translation but please be aware this could change the chapter groupings presented on your screen. You may have to adjust the chapter numbers to see all the chapters.)

The YouTube videos have links that persist (are available later). The non-YouTube videos may only work for a few hours. If you click on the link and it says the video is no longer available, below the video is a horizontal block of videos you can scroll through and find a current working link. I have not watched all the movies through. I believe they are healthy and mainstream Christian.

Old Testament

Old Testament (Tanakh: Torah, Prophets, Writings): Jesus is coming

Old Testament (Tanakh: Torah, Prophets, Writings)

The Old Testament (movie) (1:28)

The Torah... Torah (alternate)
Genesis Genesis 1-34 AMP, Genesis 35-50 AMP, My summary of Genesis (, BestChristianVideos: The Patriarchs of the Holy Bible (1:50), The Story of Joseph and His Brothers, a movie (1:41)
Exodus Exodus 1-35 AMP, Exodus 36-40 AMP, Bible Animated Movie: The Ten Commandments (2009) (1:24)
Leviticus Leviticus 1-27
Numbers Numbers 1-28 AMP, Numbers 29-36 AMP
Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 1-34 AMP

Old Testament (Tanakh: Torah, Prophets, Writings)

The Prophets
The Prophets (Nevi'im)
Nevi'im Rishonim (First Prophets) נביאים ראשונים
Yehoshua` (Joshua) יהושע Joshua 1-24 AMP
Shoftim (Judges) שופטים Judges 1-21 AMP
Shmu'el (Samuel) שמואל
I Samuel 1-31 AMP, David and Goliath, a movie, with Orson Wells as King Saul (1 Samuel 16-18) 1960 (1:31)
II Samuel 1-24 AMP
Melakhim (Kings) מלכים I Kings 1-22 AMP, II Kings 1-25 AMP

Nevi'im Aharonim (Latter Prophets) נביאים אחרונים
Yesha`yahu (Isaiah) ישעיהו Isaiah 1-49 AMP, Isaiah 50-66 AMP,
Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) ירמיהו Jeremiah 1-40 AMP, Jeremiah 41-52 AMP
Yehezq'el (Ezekiel) יחזקאל Ezekiel 1-39 AMP, Ezekiel 40-48 AMP

Trei Asar (The Twelve) תרי עשר
Hoshea` (Hosea) הושע Hosea 1-14 AMP
Yo'el (Joel) יואל Joel 1-3 AMP
Amos עמוס Amos 1-9 AMP
`Ovadyah (Obadiah) עבדיה Obadiah 1 AMP
Yonah (Jonah) יונה Jonah 1-4 AMP
Mikhah (Micah) מיכה Micah 1-7 AMP
Nachum (Nahum) נחום Nahum 1-3 AMP
Habaquq (Habakkuk) חבקוק Habakkuk 1-3 AMP
Zephania (Zephaniah) צפניה Zephaniah 1-3 AMP
Haggai (Haggai) חגי Haggai 1-2 AMP
Zekharia (Zechariah) זכריה Zechariah 1-14 AMP
Malakhi (Malachi) מלאכי\n Malachi 1-4 AMP

Old Testament (Tanakh: Torah, Prophets, Writings)

The Writings
The Writings
Tehillim (Psalms) תהלים Psalms 1-69 AMP, Psalms 70-119 AMP, Psalms 120-150 AMP
Mishlei (Proverbs) משלי Proverbs 1-31 AMP
Iyyov (Job) איוב Job 1-40 AMP, Job 41-42 AMP

Group II: The Five Scrolls (Hamesh Megillot)
Shir ha-Shirim (Song of Songs) שיר השירים (Passover) Song of Solomon 1-8 AMP
Ruth (Ruth) רות (Shavuot) Ruth 1-4 AMP, 20th Century Fox: Ruth, a movie (2:11)
Eikhah (Lamentations) איכה (Ninth of Av) [Also called Kinnot in Hebrew.] Lamentations 1-5 AMP
Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) קהלת (Sukkot) Ecclesiastes 1-12 AMP
Esther (Esther) אסתר (Purim) Esther 1-10 AMP Visual Bible: Esther and the King, a movie (1:47)

Group III: Other Historical Books
Daniel (Daniel) דניאל Daniel 1-12 AMP
Ezra (Ezra-Nehemiah) עזרא Ezra 1-10 AMP, Nehemiah 1-13 AMP
Divrei ha-Yamim (Chronicles) דברי הימים I Chronicles 1-29 AMP, II Chronicles 1-36 AMP

New Testament

New Testament: Gospels, Acts, Epistles, Revelation

Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John): Jesus is here!

Gospels : Jesus is here
Matthew Matthew 1-27 AMP, Matthew 28 AMP The Visual Bible: Matthew, a movie (4:18)
Mark Mark 1-16 AMP
Luke Luke 1-22 AMP, Luke 23-24 AMP Visual Bible: Luke, the movie (4:12)
John John 1-21 AMP

New Testament: Acts: Jesus is calling his people!

Acts: Jesus is calling his people
Acts 1-28 AMP Visual Bible: The Book of Acts (3:12)

Epistles: Jesus is teaching his people!

Epistles: Jesus is teaching his people!
The Pauline Epistles
The Life Of Apostle Paul Bible Stories , a movie (2:50)
Romans Romans 1-16 AMP The Book of Romans (audio, cosmic scenes) (1:06)
1 Corinthians 1 Corinthians 1-16 AMP
2 Corinthians II Corinthians 1-13 AMP
Galatians Galatians 1-6 AMP
Ephesians (Prison Epistle) Ephesians 1-6 AMP
Philippians (Prison Epistle) Philippians 1-4 AMP
Colossians (Prison Epistle) Colossians 1-4 AMP
1 Thessalonians I Thessalonians 1-5 AMP
2 Thessalonians II Thessalonians 1-3 AMP
1 Timothy (Pastoral Epistle) I Timothy 1-6 AMP
2 Timothy (Pastoral Epistle) II Timothy 1-4 AMP
Titus (Pastoral Epistle) Titus 1-3 AMP
Philemon (Prison Epistle) Philemon 1

The General Epistles (not or probably not written by Paul)
Hebrews Hebrews 1-13 AMP
James James 1-5 AMP
1 Peter I Peter 1-5 AMP
2 Peter II Peter 1-3 AMP
1 John I John 1-5 AMP
2 John II John 1 AMP
3 John III John 1 AMP
Jude Jude 1 AMP


Revelation: Revelation: Jesus is coming again !

Revelation: Jesus is coming again
Revelation 1-21 AMP. The Book of Revelation, a movie (1:10)

End: End of the Bible !

The Bible is about Jesus!
The Bible is about Jesus!

Sometimes cartoons help!
(These express the central message of the Bible which is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.)

Chick Tract: Creator or Liar?

Chick Tracts (Most popular: This Was Your Life)

Chick Tracts (Complete List)

Chick Tracts (Language List)

Google Translate (108+ languages)
On Google Translate click on "From: Language name (will be detected),"
type in "your text" in the box,
click on your To: language,
then click on the blue "Translate" image.
I chose to translate, "Hello, how are you?" into Korean: 안녕, 잘 지냈니 (43+).

The Bible in a Nutshell would not be complete without the Holy Spirit.

Just as in John 14:9 NIV Jesus said, "He who has seen me has seen the Father." (John 14:9 AMP) In a sense, while Jesus is not the same person as the Father, he could be characterized as a "stunt double." In the same way, the Holy Spirit is not the same person as Jesus, the Son of the Father, but he can be characterized as a "stunt double" of Jesus. Jesus will never do anything he has not already seen the Father do, John 5:19 AMP, the Holy Spirit only speaks the words and actions of Jesus. (Revelation 19:10 AMP).

If you are a computer person, you may change the settings on your PC or laptop. You make the change and hit "ok." If you stop there, the change will not happen. You must also hit "apply." Change, OK, Apply will cause the change to hapen. The Holy Spirit applies to our hearts and lives the Spirit of Jesus. If you go to church or recite prayers, this is like hitting OK. The change does not occur. If you truly in your heart turn 100% to Jesus, the Holy Spirit will apply the change to your heart. And you will be born again, born of the Spirit, born of the Spirit of God. I am getting goosebumps! Just because you sit in a garage does not make you are car. Just because you sit in a church does not mean you are a born again child of God headed to heaven with Jesus forever. How does one get born again? Realize that you are a sinner and ask God to forgive you through Jesus and allow him to send the Holy Spirit into your heart. The Holy Spirit will confirm in your heart that you have received the spirit of adoption. (Romans 8:15 AMP) The loop is closed. We know in experience we are sons and daughters of God the Father through Jesus the Son and we can call God Father because the Holy Spirit lives in us. All that is left is to thank him! and tell someone else of your decision and God's response.

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The Holy Spirit is our Counselor!

Last updated: 05/10/2017