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wants to pick you up
when your life ends but you must make a reservation!

Jesus, don't leave earth without him!

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The March/April issue of Foreign Affairs states that 90% of the world's poorest
people now own cell phones. All of my .mobi sites are on an outdated platform
due to early entry when the product was new. They can either be moved to a newer
.mobi platform or folded in to the website. I cannot refresh
the following and they are not showing although the content is there.
It will take some time to sync up all the links to the new locations
but at least the content will be available.

Mobile sites moved to

Sites will be populated and new sites will be added as the Lord leads. While this may proceed more slowly than some might like, we want to maintain God's fullest blessing on our endeavors. This page is a near duplicate of the right side of the opening page but is more convenient for cell phone use.

Last updated: 03/22/2017

Background music: Higher Up and Further In

Higher up and further in,
Oh, how I long to enter in,
To all the fullness of Your perfect love!
Earthly burdens all forsaken,
Help my spirit to awaken,
To Your invitation to arise!

In Your perfect love no fear can stay.
In the brightness of Your perfect heart
You melt my stubborn pride away...

And then we mount up with wings as eagles,
Higher up and further in!
Soaring higher in Your presence, Lord
Oh God, we want to go with You,
Higher up and further in!

By Timothy Barber, Copyright © 1993 Papa's Music. All Rights Reserved. CCLI Song No. 2294043.