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Welcome to Spreading Jesus!

You may have arrived here via This is its new home. All is the same except the http: line.
The URL for this page is

This web site is under construction (more languages!)

This site will contain the opening page of in languages.
If translations are available for other pages of in languages,
they will be linked by the pages listed here (Spanish is an example).
Otherwise, links from the opening page of in languages
will link to the pages in English.

Some language pages may depend soley on Google Translate and will be noted as such.
This is done so that web crawlers will pick up the page
so it may be found when using a search engine.
It is not meant to be a perfect translation!
It is not meant to convey correct thoughts in the language.
The resources developed by experts and checked by native language speakers convey correct thoughts.
Again, the machine translated languages are meant for the web crawlers.
They draw in language speakers who then can find the expert/native speaker resources.

On Google Translate click on "From: English,"
type in "" in the box,
click on your To: language,
then click on the blue "Translate" image.

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