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At this time only the states of Arizona, California, Montana, Oregon, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming have entries.

Each state has a Jesus is Lord sign unique to that state.

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Arizona (AZ)

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Louisiana (LA)

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Oregon (OR)

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Pennsylvania (PA)

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Rhode Island (RI)

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South Dakota (SD)

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Texas (TX)

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Utah (UT)

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Virginia (VA)

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Wyoming *WY)

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Last updated: 02/16/2017

First Time Visitor Notes

This web site came in to existence in response to someone saying the United States is no longer a Christian or Judeo-Christian country and a trip to central Montana where there is a mind set (in a good way) of a time from decades ago while cafes offer free WIFI. After praying and brainstorming domain names, I settled on the phrase "we the people of Christ" and secured for believers who live in the United States and for believers outside the United States. You are free to tell us about what you do (grow and sell vegetables or wheat, help people do their tax returns, be a stay-at-home Mom, train horses, answer the customer service lines for a company, write books, teach school, run a restaurant, whatever. Tell us about your life. It can be very interesting to others. Tell us about your life before Christ, how you came to put your faith in Christ, and how it has been since then. If you want to, provide an email address for people to contact you. If not, fine. If you are a young person, I need to know your parents know about this and think it's OK. Someone out there may decide they are just like you and if you can commit your life to Christ, they can too! You can tell others about this site so they can look at it. While I doubt you will be contacted via email, it could be visitors from elsewhere might plan a vacation to the town where you live. In this sense, calling attention to where you live can help your local economy to prosper.

The site is simple in form. You pick a state and a town that most describes you or that you feel free to talk about. It doesn't have to be where you live now. You pick a date closest to when you committed your life to Jesus Christ. I don't care if your page is long or short. You can include photos and sound files as long as they are clean (no foul language and you are fully clothed). If it seems you are advertizing your business, that's fine. We all have to eat. Your testimony needs to be specifically Christian. This means you take seriously that Jesus died for you and you asked him to forgive you and take control of your life forever. What's going on inside of you is the most important thing regardless of your circumstances in life. I reserve the right to ask you questions and moderately edit what you write and maybe not even publish it. I do this for fun and to show Jesus Christ is real to onlookers.

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